2006 to 2008
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GCE Advanced Level (A-Level)

“I liked the close-knit community in Methodist College KL. I learned a lot as the President of Student Council.”

Justin Chin Jing Ho, Class of 2008
Currently reading Civil Engineering in Imperial College London
Obtained 4As and under a scholarship from Gamuda

“I am glad to have all the wonderful lecturers here in MCKL.
All the office staff are also very kind and helpful!”

Jed Tin Yuan Kiat, Class of 2008
Currently reading Finance and Accounting at University of Bristol on a Bank Negara Scholarship
Obtained 4As

“Methodist College KL has a good quality of education and I liked the environment.”

Catherine Nga Mei Swee, Class of 2008
Currently reading Accounting and Economics in The University of Edinburgh
on a JPA Scholarship
Obtained 3As

"I believe strongly in the college's vision in fostering academic excellence, personal development and social responsibility. These values are important in one's character building and has formed the foundation and essence of my character."

Kang Eun Shil (South Korea), Class of 2007
Currently reading Medicine at International Medical University, Malaysia

"The teachers, administrators and my fellow students were always there to provide any help needed. Besides that, the College had a full extra-curricular calendar, with many activities varying from sports to social fun. But despite the many activities, equal emphasis was placed on my academics. This gave me a very holistic outlook and education."

Isuru Rangana Sirisinghe (Sri Lanka), Class of 2007
Obtained 4 A's at the age of 16.

"There's nothing small about the achievements MCKL has chalked up over the years. At MCKL, sending students to the best universities in the world is their main aim, not just creating students with great grades. To have the Director of Pre-U Studies actively involved in assisting you every step of the way in university applications, whatever your grades may be, is the hallmark of Methodist College Kuala Lumpur."

Chen Jit Ern, Class of 2006
Currently reading Natural Sciences at University of Cambridge, U.K. (with Scholarship)

"I feel that the A-Level is the safest choice for anyone who is still undecided about his or her future career because a wide variety of subjects are offered. Switching ambitions halfway during the course is no problem as you are given a wide spectrum in training, which enables you to fit into almost any field."

Joyce Fong Siew May, Class of 2006
Currently reading Law at University of Cambridge, U.K. (with Scholarship)

"I chose to pursue the programme in Methodist College as my brother, a previous student, strongly recommended it. I received a lot of personal attention, as the classes are small, and this has enabled me to understand each subject better. Doing this programme has given me the opportunity to further my studies in a world-renowned university."

Subhen Jeyaindran, Class of 2006
Currently reading Economics at London School of Economics, U.K. (with Scholarship)

Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT)

"Having decided to pursue my Australian Matriculation at Methodist College has opened up a world of experience and development for me. Coming from a rural background that has very little exposure to the world, the personal attention from the lecturers and curriculum provided has shaped me into what I am today. The extra-curricular activities in the college also gave me the opportunity to take the leadership role and boosted my level of confidence tremendously. The priceless guidance from the lecturers in attending interviews had won me the Star Education Fund scholarship. With my Ausmat results I was smoothly accepted into Multimedia University where I'm pursuing a course in Information Technology Engineering.

My heartiest thanks to Methodist College. I'm proud to be a part of Methodist College."

Lee Kian Guan from Kota Bharu (Kelantan), Class of 2008
Currently reading Information Technology Engineering at Multimedia University

“I gained invaluable experience and a taste of college life while interacting with lecturers and new friends.”

Nicholas Wong Keng Loong, Class of 2008
Currently reading Actuarial Science at Curtin University of Technology, Perth

"The lecturers are very competent and the students are friendly. As a bonus, the smaller, quieter community made it easier to get to know everyone, as well as being more conducive to studying. Not to forget the fact that being a relatively small community, Methodist College KL students always looked out for each other.”

Colin Wong Keng Yin, Class of 2007
Currently reading a double degree in English Creative Arts and Conservation & Wildlife Biology at Murdoch University, Australia

"It gave a sound academic foundation in the shortest duration of time. I truly enjoyed the on going assessments done by the College. This enabled me to spread out my attention and try to attain my final marks throughout the year. Currently I am a medical student at IMU. It is a very challenging course and I believe that the AUSMAT course prepared me better to face these challenges. I find it easier to cope with stress and learning completely new things. I can confidently say that I have no regrets in doing my pre-u course at Methodist College Kuala Lumpur."

Vishel Soundarajan, Class of 2006
Currently reading Medicine at International Medical University, Malaysia

"I was drawn by Methodist College’s good academic reputation and because it is a long established institution. The coursework involved in the programme would also help me when I need to do research in the future. I received personal tutoring and guidance from my lecturers. I was able to participate in many extra-curricular activities and take up leadership roles I might not have been able to in a large college. I absolutely enjoyed my time in the AUSMAT programme."

Low Ai Ying, Class of 2006
Currently reading Accounting at University of Newcastle, Australia

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

"Throughout the two years of studying in the ECE course in Methodist College, I have learned a lot. The lecturers have shared many things in class that are very thought provoking. Personally my views of early childhood education have changed since I started the course and I have changed my way of dealing with children. The course has been very fulfilling."

Monica Khoo, Class of 2008

"Methodist College Kuala Lumpur is my choice because I believe the course quality will not be compromised in any way. The course gave me the confidence to continue to a post graduate certificate course at the University of Nottingham, Malaysia even before I have completed the ECE diploma programme."

Audrey Lee, Class of 2008

"Being around children is the most rewarding and fulfilling way in which to occupy my time and fill my days. It’s all about passion, and my passion is children. I have used a lot of what I have been taught in ECE in my taska. Even my teachers have benefited from what I’ve learnt because I go back and share it with them."

Jacquita Gonzales, Class of 2008

"The course has already benefited me because I have gained knowledge about ECE and I happily apply it with more confidence."

Norhanam Sulong, Class of 2007

Certificate in English

"I'm very grateful to all my lecturers who had taught me with all their hearts in the past one and a half years in MCKL. I enjoyed the atmosphere here very much. All the people here are friendly and kind. Although I'm alone here, I do not feel lonely because of this warm environment. And I really learnt a lot of things in MCKL. Apart from my English course, I also joined activities with other students which gave me extra chances to practice my spoken English. My English improved a lot. Here I would like to say a big "Thank You" again to all my responsible and dedicated teachers. I will miss you all!"

Liu Sheng Yi (China), Class of 2008
Certificate in English programme

"The teachers are professional and very passionate people. Mrs. Tan pushes us to learn the proper English. Their spirit to teach us is very inspiring. Now I can do presentation in English. I enjoy and am inspired to learn English and my classmates and I laugh at each other’s mistakes. I have learnt much at Methodist College Kuala Lumpur."

Alice Shin Jeong Sook (South Korea), Class of 2007
Certificate in English programme

"Joining the CIE (Certificate in English) course at Methodist College Kuala Lumpur was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. Besides studying English, this course groomed me with confidence, communication skills, team work and presentation skills. The best part was the diversity of different cultures in this course with students from different countries. I enjoyed a lot of other extra-curricular activities, which helped me to further build up my confidence. I can feel the difference, as I am no longer a shy girl who did not trust her language skills."

Ammara Nasir (Pakistan), Class of 2007
Certificate in English programme

"I enjoyed the course and found it very useful. The lecturers did a good job and taught us the up-to-date method in writing a proper business letter. Now I will be able to present a talk in front of an audience and I will not feel afraid.."

Tham Wei Hong, Class of 2006
Business English programme