Psychology and Learning Centre (PAL)

The objectives of the Psychology and Learning Centre (PAL) are to promote academic success, support career development and support emotional well-being. We aim to promote academic success by guiding students in understanding study skills, improving study habits and managing time to enhance academic success. Furthermore, we aim to support career development through two methods. The first method is by helping students choose the right major and explore future career options.  The second method is by assisting students in choosing their careers that match their interests, abilities, values and personality. 

At the Psychology and Learning Centre, we strive to create an environment that will empower and nurture the students of Methodist College KL who walk through our doors. Additionally, we aspire to create an environment that encourages the growth and development of students. We believe in a holistic approach to caring for students, thus, our services envelopes academic success, career development and emotional well-being. The services that are provided in our centre include:
•    Career Counseling and Guidance
•    Learning Enrichment and Support Services
•    Support for emotional well-being
•    Workshops

Our centre is open from 9.00-4.00pm on Monday to Friday.

Appointments can be made via email to the email addresses listed below. Emergency walk-in hours for students of MCKL are available each day for crisis/counseling or consultation.  

Team members
Our team comprises of a group of people who are passionate and experienced in working with young people across various settings. 

Dr. Hera Lukman, 
Adjunct Health Psychologist

Ms. Khor Kheng Leik, 
Director of Tertiary Education and Head of the American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP); Psychology Lecturer

Ms. Naik Shiang June, 
Licensed Counselor

Ms. Rachel Seak, 
Panel Head of Psychology