January & August 2021


    Full Time : Classes on Monday to Friday (8am-5pm) Part Time : Once every 2 weeks, Friday evenings & Saturdays


    Full time : 2.5 years & Part Time : 3 years & 3 months

The Diploma in Social Work programme is the first of its kind in the private education institution in Malaysia. It is a competency-based educational programme which has been designed in reference to the National Competency Standards for Social Work Practice (2010) where standard areas have been identified at a specific level for diploma students.

This programme was developed to meet the needs of two main categories of students:

(i) Working adults who are already involved as frontline workers in social welfare and human services but do not possess any recognised social work education or training qualifications,

(ii) School leavers who are interested to begin social work studies at diploma level.

The programme and mode of study is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). It comprises a total of 90 credit hours which includes 8 credit hours of compulsory practicum attachment at social work related agencies. With the diploma qualification, graduates will gain recognition as trained social workers and full membership with the Malaysian Association of Social Workers (MASW). The Diploma in Social Work programme will contribute towards an expansion of professionally-trained human resource in social work practice which is critically needed to manage the increasing numbers of people experiencing psychosocial problems, crises and pressures in daily living. It will also provide a pathway to an undergraduate degree in social work or related fields if the student wishes to pursue a higher level of qualification.


Welcome Message from the Head of Social Work 


Welcome to the Diploma in Social Work Programme of MCKL, a historic milestone in the development of social work education in Malaysia: it is the first English medium diploma programme in social work; MCKL is the first private college to offer the programme; the programme was designed to meet the National Competency Standards for Social Work Practice (2010); it’s development was largely motivated by the urgent training needs of passionate and committed workers and volunteers wishing to provide social work and social welfare services at a professional level; it offers a career path to school leavers to begin social work at diploma level.

The practice of social work requires diverse learning across a wide range of multi-discipline knowledge areas, i.e. theories and research in social work, psychology and sociology. The programme also incorporates practice and procedural knowledge in key areas of practice, i.e. child and family welfare, health and mental health, drug and alcohol addictions, domestic violence and disabilities. Additionally the programme provides a choice of 2 electives namely: working with the elderly, and with minority populations. Underpinning the teaching of all these subjects is the emphasis on social work principles, values and ethics in line with universal values of human rights and social justice advocated by the various

Conventions of the United Nations. The programme is also designed to be at par with standards endorsed by the International Federation of Social Workers and the International Association of Schools of Social Work.

Performance assessments are based on tests/examinations, assignments, and field placements to ensure appropriate and effective transfer of learning and application of theoretical knowledge in preparation for graduate practice.

MCKL is the only college offering the Diploma in Social Work programme in Malaysia but it is also a college which shares the principles, values and ethics of the social work profession. It has a long and reputable history of providing quality and holistic education within a nurturing environment for students to realise their full potential.


Ms Jolyn Hong,

Head of Department, Diploma in Social Work 


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