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About MCKL’s New Computing & IT Programmes

How will the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0)
Impact the Future of Work?

IR 4.0 is upon us and has impacted societies, the workplace and future jobs and careers. The world is changing so rapidly, with more and more industries undergoing digital transformations.

We are witnessing the automation of manufacturing plants, machine learning and artificial intelligence in operations, and the rise of smart cities. Future jobs will require skilled employees who are able to digitally network with teams and possess knowledge in cloud-based application systems.

To meet the demands of IR 4.0, MCKL recognises the need to equip our students with future-oriented skills. Our new diploma programmes are here to prepare our students to be job-ready.

Future-oriented Curriculum
Future-oriented Curriculum

Exposure to Big Data Architecture, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, IoT Data Analytics, Cybersecurity in IoT, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Content Marketing and Digital Retailing.

Industry Professional Certification
Industry Professional Certification

Students can obtain International Certification of Digital Literacy (ICDL) for various IR4.0 skills set as well as being certified by AWS Academy as Cloud Practitioner & SAS Academic Specialization.

Entrepreneurship Driven
Entrepreneurship Driven

Laying foundation as Technopreneur through studies of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Digital Business.

Compulsory Industrial Training
Compulsory Industrial Training

12-week industrial training in final semester provides real-life working experience and seamless transition to employment.

Programmes in line with IR 4.0

Diploma in Computer Science

Data Science Focused

KL: KPT/JPS(N/481/4/0825)(MQA/PA14018)12/27
PG: KPT/JPS(N/481/4/0835)(MQA/PA14314)12/28

Intake: 19 January, 14 June & 23 August 2024

Equip students with broad-based knowledge and future-oriented skills such as Data Science, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning.

Diploma in Information Technology

Internet of Things Focused

KL: KPT/JPS(N/482/4/0213)(MQA/PA14019)12/27
PG: KPT/JPS(N/482/4/0227)(MQA/PA14312)05/27

Intake: 19 January, 14 June & 23 August 2024

Equip students with broad-based knowledge and future-oriented skills such as Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity.

Option to continue your degree with our Partner

University of South Australia

University of South Australia offers MCKL students who successfully completed computing diploma to have the opportunity to fast track, earning their computing degree in just minimum one year.

The University of South Australia is a globally connected and engaged university with industry-informed teaching and research that is inventive and adventurous. Ranked in the world's top 50 under 50^ the University is young and innovative. With industry informed degrees and 100% of assessed research rated at or above world-class¹, the University provides a unique educational journey that offers students the chance to gain real-world experience.

Focused on life beyond the classroom, the University of South Australia offers a practical approach to teaching and learning. Its graduates are the new professionals, global citizens at ease with the world and ready to create and respond to change.

^Ranked in the World's Top 50 Under 50 - Ranked #29, 2021 QS Top 50 Universities Aged Under 50 and Ranked #45,

2021 THE Young University Rankings

¹2018 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA), 4-digit Fields of Research

Ranked in the World’s Top 50 Universities under 50^

Top 5 in Australia for Developing Work-Ready Skills

Top 10 in Australia for Employer Satisfaction

Top 10 in Australia for Teaching Quality

100% Of Our Assessed Research Rated At Or Above World-Class¹

Overall Five Star Plus Rating For Excellence
2020 QS Stars Ratings

*CRICOS No 00121B

Our Industry Partners

MCKL has partnered with multiple industry-leading experts to ensure students are able to obtain industrial training as part of their programme of study. Through our flagship Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP), students are given the opportunity to take on real-world projects which enable them to gain valuable insights and working experience in the digital business, marketing and financial technology industry. Students will also obtain digital literacy, specialised knowledge and work skills to be future-ready for Industrial Revolution 4.0.

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Future Proof with Business & Computing Studies

News & Highlights

Highlight of our recent endeavor

MCKL’s graduate competency framework ensures students live up to employment requirements

MCKL’s graduate competency framework ensures students live up to employment requirements

Methodist College Kuala Lumpur’s (MCKL) Graduate Competency Framework ensures that its graduates are equipped with the right skills and attitude for today’s business and technology industries.

About MCKL

Welcome to Methodist College Kuala Lumpur
An Institution where values and tradition meet excellence in education!

For over four decades, Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL) has been providing quality, holistic education in the best of Methodist tradition. MCKL fully embraces the challenges and opportunities of educating and preparing students for further education, professional development, and job careers in the new IR 4.0 environment.

Over 40 years of Proven Track Record

Globally Recognised
Globally Recognised

Providing renowned professional pre-university and tertiary programmes.

Industry Revolution 4.0
Industry Revolution 4.0

Operations & learning system in line with the IR 4.0 environment.

Microsoft Recognition
Microsoft Recognition

Providing flexibility with 100% blended learning via Microsoft cloud learning system.


Nurturing students with Character Formation and Service Learning programmes throughout their studies.


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