In Support of the Edge Education Foundation

25 Aug 2016


mam1Financial problems plague the youth of today, and Malaysians are no exception. The number of Malaysians under the age of 35 going bankrupt has been steadily rising in the past few years, and so has the number of secondary school dropouts.


In light of this persistent problem, The Edge Education Foundation has organised the Money & Me: Youth Financial Empowerment Programme, which is a free financial literacy programme designed to equip youths with financial literacy as a basic life skill and to equip low and lower-middle income youths for better economic opportunities through teaching basic entrepreneurship skills. Participants will be taught knowledge-based content through activities that have been approved by the Division of Co-curricular and Arts of the Ministry of Education Malaysia.


Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL) recognises this growing issue in Malaysia and has partnered with the Edge Education Foundation to support this endeavour. As a project partner, MCKL facilitated the sessions on campus as part of its Service Learning subject, placing an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration through group activities. The students who attended the sessions then went on to deliver a series of workshops on the same topics to students in La Salle Secondary School in Petaling Jaya over a course of several weeks, which will continue until the end of August 2016.


Overall, it is our hope that this partnership will enable students to navigate the financial perils of adulthood in order to become independent and productive members of society, fulfilling their ability to make a unique difference in the world.









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