Joy at Cranky Studio

07 Aug 2015

studio1For the young, aspiring musician, the music industry often seems like an extremely unforgiving, cutthroat business. Although that may be true to an extent, more often than not, failure to break into the industry is due to inexperience. Like any other industry, one needs to learn the ropes beforehand from someone experienced and successful, which is exactly what a group of lucky MCKL students were able to do on a bright Saturday morning.

Mr Aubrey Suwito, a graduate of the famed Berklee School of Music, needs no introduction on the Malaysian scene as a multi-award-winning composer, singer, songwriter and producer who has written songs and produced for the likes of Dato Siti Nurhaliza. No surprise then, that we were so excited to visit the studio of such an esteemed artist.

Cranky Music Studio is Mr Aubrey’s base of operations and is located in Ara Damansara, serving as a home away from home where he has spent endless nights writing, arranging, refining and producing pieces. Stepping into the unit produced an overwhelming sense of cosiness that almost felt like home, if it weren’t for the amazing equipment that many musicians have only ever dreamed of using, let alone owning.

The real business began with Mr Aubrey and his wife recounting his career in music and how opportunities may come and go, which was a welcome boost to the fragile confidence of us young musicians. He talked about his idols and his musical influences growing up. He also spoke on the pros and cons of the music industry in Malaysia, offering insights on how to appeal to a target audience and how to gauge attention of the general public. As a bonus, he even demonstrated his process for turning ideas into songs before showing everyone around the studio itself, including his spectacular control room.

We made the most of the opportunity and asked just about every question under the sun, and we gratefully absorbed all the wisdom we could from the musical maestro that is Aubrey Suwito. Unfortunately, time flew by all too quickly and we eventually had to leave and say goodbye.

To say it was an amazing experience would be an understatement, as Mr Aubrey had given valuable insight to everything we wished to know about the music industry and music itself. The experience had fuelled our passion and desire to work hard and follow in his footsteps. Who knows; one of us might even succeed!


Written by: Kahrthikeyan Selvarajah

Cohort: CAL 1501 S3




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