Spectrum Dash

31 Jan 2015

Just before sunrise on Saturday, the 31st of January, hundreds of students and, College staff and members of the public gathered at Padang Merbok to participate in the MCKL Spectrum Dash: a run for unity in Malaysia and for raising funds for feeding and education programmes set up by the beneficiary, Living Hope, to aid many Malaysian children living in poverty.

The event was planned and organised by the Student Council of MCKL, with Dr Peggy C. Wong, the founder and chairman of Living Hope and Ms Moey Yoke Lai, the CEO of MCKL as the Guests of Honour. 


Just as hundreds of runners thundered around Padang Merbok for the purpose of helping children and their families cope with financial burdens, so too do we hope that others will follow in their footsteps and unite in helping those who need it most, in whatever way they can. Through the event, MCKL managed to raise an estimated RM5000 and will donate a total of RM10000 for the cause.


Overall, the MCKL Spectrum Dash was a spectacular success, and we would like to thank our sponsors and participants for their tremendous support. Let us look forward to more of such events to help support our fellow brothers and sisters in need! 


Special thanks are due to DBKL, without which we would not have been able to hold the event at the necessary venue, and to our co-sponsor Zalora, for contributing to the event.




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