Student Sharing: Why You Should Join MCKL's Diploma in Early Childhood Education

24 Jul 2020

Annabel Ong joined MCKL’s Diploma in Early Childhood Education course in 2017 and graduated in early 2020. She was vice-president for the ECE Union, and she is headed to Institute of Technology Tralee, Ireland the pursue her degree.

She shares on why she would recommend students to sign up for MCKL’s DECE programme.

If you were to ask any former MCKL ECE student where to study ECE, I am sure that our answer would be here in MCKL. Even with the strict dress code and crazy amounts of lesson plans we were required to write, we would still recommend this college.

 “Why?” you may ask.

Without a doubt, MCKL’s ECE program has the best lecturers who are willing to answer all my ridiculous questions and accept my crazy ideas. Yes, MCKL lecturers are very open-minded, and because of this, they gave me opportunities to create and come up with interesting ideas, especially when it comes to assignments.

There was one time where we had to make a traditional instrument, and I ended up making drums with a whole lion dance set. Yes, I did go a little overboard on that one, but in my opinion, creativity creates the most fun teachers to learn from. Recently, I went for an interview, and the principal told me, “We love students from MCKL that took Early Childhood Education.”

So yes, ECE MCKL graduates have high employability rate and what more could a parent want? For their child to come out and instantly be employed, and yes, I mean instantly. I was able to get a job two weeks after my final internship ended.

This course doesn’t just shape us to become future teachers, but it teaches us teamwork, independence and of course, academic writing. You may think that our syllabus changed and evolved because it wasn’t working out, but we found that our lecturers changed our syllabus according to the students’ needs.

Whether we needed more group assignments to work together, or even more academic writing to improve our English, there isn’t one class that is the same. Honestly, through this, our lecturers are showing us how to teach a class in the future.

MCKL has changed my perspective on teaching, and I hope that MCKL will continue to educate future teachers to educate the next generation.

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