Brandon Tay Jian Wei: Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award recipient

29 Aug 2020

Brandon Tay Jian Wei achieved Top in the World in the recent Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards for Mathematics in the AS-Level November 2019 examinations 


We interviewed him during the second phase of RMCO about his experience at MCKL.



What awards have you received?

I achieved the Top in the World for AS Level Mathematics Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards.

What has MCKL taught you?

So far MCKL has taught me the value of being in a community that pushes each other to perform better in places such as the classroom and giving back to the community.

Who would you like to thank?

I would like to thank my lecturers for educating me well and for the 1.5 years of being in MCKL.  Moreover, I would like to thank my parents as well for supporting me through my education and sending me to this institution.

Any advice for your Juniors?

My advice to my juniors would, try not to compare yourself so much to others. Just try to improve yourself and do your best. Education is not a competition; you just need to know where you need to be for yourself. Focus on yourself and not others and keep on improving.


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