MCKL A Level Students Break College Record

21 May 2018

MCKL A Level programme recently hit a new high when 12 students received the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards, a feat that more than doubled the College’s previous achievements and ranks MCKL among the top Cambridge A Level institutions in
the country.

Among the recipients are Sarah Loo, Darren Tan and Dorcas Chua. Interestingly, they went through different schooling systems; Sarah was home-schooled, Darren attended a government school and Dorcas went to a Chinese National-type school.

Having undergone varied schooling systems, it is no surprise that they adopted different approaches to studying. When it came to preparing for the A Level examination, Oxford-bound Dorcas spent her time going through past year questions, applying her knowledge to answer them and meeting her lecturers frequently to get their feedback. Darren, on the other hand, did not attempt many past year questions but dove straight into the textbooks and memorised as much information as possible. Sarah hardly did any past year questions. Instead she relied on the textbooks and sought help from her lecturers regularly.

Despite their different approaches to studying, all three received Top in the World awards for their respective papers: Sarah, for A Level Law, Darren, for A Level Business, and Dorcas, for A Level Literature in English.

Dorcas has this advice for MCKL juniors, “Study hard and study smart. Don’t just do it for the exams but use the exams to sharpen your skill. Exams helped me to think. Read up other subjects.”

MCKL congratulates all the award recipients. May all of you continue to rise to your calling as stewards of God’s creation!

The full list of recipients is shown below.

No. Name Award Qualification Subject

Sarah Loo Wei Hsien  

Top in the World

A Level  Law
2 Darren Tan Wee Kok Top in Malaysia A Level Business
3 Dorcas Chua Chia Ern    Top in Malaysia A Level Literature in English

Cheong Ruoh Wen

Best Across Four

AS Level

Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics


Cheong Ruoh Wen   

Top in the World

AS Level Chemistry

Cheong Ruoh Wen   

Top in the World

AS Level Mathematics

Chong Yew Kern   

Top in the World

AS Level Mathematics

Samuel See Haw Hann

Top in the World AS Level  Mathematics

Joseph Lim Ti Huei   

Top in the World

AS Level Accounting

Toh Hiu Ching 

Top in the World AS Level  Psychology
11 Zachary Aw Zheng Quan    Top in Malaysia AS Level Literature in English

Siddesh K.Veerasenapathy

High Achievement AS Level Tamil Language

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