Statement from the CEO's Office on COVID-19 Pandemic

13 Mar 2020

To Students & Staff of MCKL,

This statement is issued with the view of maintaining a safe and healthy campus environment for and within the MCKL community. The Management is taking a cautious and serious view of the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic in the best interest of our students and staff.

We would like to assure you that the management of MCKL places its utmost concern and priority for the health and safety of our students and staff.


Preventive Measures

The following preventive measures are currently being practised in MCKL:

  • Hand sanitizers have been installed at the main entrance and other strategic locations in the building. Hand sanitizers are also placed in various offices including the CEO’s Office, Student Services Office, International Students Office, Office of the Registrar, Finance Office & Payment Counter, Marketing Office, Whole Person Education Office, etc.  You are encouraged to sanitise your hand regularly and observe good personal hygiene.
  • The frequency of cleaning common areas and facilities have been increased: Cafeteria A & B; Library and balcony area outside the library; Study areas on Level 2 & 4; handrails of staircases; control panel of lift, etc.
  • Face masks are made available to staff and students at the Student Services Office (SSO) on a need basis.
  • Temperature screening will be carried out during the examination period.
  • Any organised group activities out of the College compound are suspended with immediate effect. 

In the event that you suddenly feel unwell, have a fever or start to cough or sneeze while you are in College, put on a face mask immediately. You can obtain face masks from SSO. Inform the staff in SSO and your Head of Programme immediately, refrain from coming in close contact with other people, arrange to go home and visit a clinic or hospital for medical attention.

If you exhibit the following signs & symptoms; fever, cough, breathing difficulties, or any respiratory illness, avoid coming to College and seek immediate medical attention. Inform your lecturer(s) and Head of Programme of your health condition and observe self-quarantine at home until you have fully recovered or been cleared by a medical doctor of not having contacted COVID-19.


Travelling Overseas

You are strongly urged not to travel overseas and visit other countries, particularly high-risk countries during this period of the COVID-19 outbreak. However, if there is a necessity or an urgent need for you to travel overseas during this period, you will be required to comply with the following procedures:

  • Students will have to inform the SSO office, and staff members will have to notify the Human Resource (HR) Office of your travelling plan before you embark on your travel. You will be required to declare the travel details (i.e. departure date, arrival date, country / countries visiting, etc.) by filling out a form;
  • Upon arrival, observe mandatory self-quarantine:
    • at least seven (7) days if you have visited a country / countries without any case of COVID-19 during the relevant period; or
    • at least fourteen (14) days if you have visited or been in transit in a country / countries with any recorded case of COVID-19 during the relevant period.
  • You may only return to College if you are healthy and do not exhibit any of the symptoms after the self-quarantine period or have been cleared by a medical doctor of not having contracted COVID-19.
  • During the period of self-quarantine, students are required to keep up with their studies online for the programme they are enrolled in and complete all assignments. Lectures may be delivered online when necessary. Staff members will be required to work from their home.


COVID-19 Response Team

MCKL has established a task force, known as COVID-19 Response Team (CRT), to monitor the situation and to handle all preventive and response measures in any eventuality.  You can contact the CRT team via email at if you require further information.

We trust that you will all give your full cooperation in observing the above preventive measure and regulations.


Yours truly,

Angela Pok


Methodist College Kuala Lumpur

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