Statement from the CEO’s Office on Online Classes & Learning

16 Mar 2020

Statement from the CEO’s Office on Online Classes & Learning

To all MCKL students,

In view of the increase of the COVID-19 cases over the weekend, the MCKL Management and the Heads of Programmes have decided on the following:

Section 1: To conduct lectures & classes virtually, effective 17 March 2020 until further notice

Students will be required to access Microsoft Teams via Office 365. To access Office 365, you are required to access & log-in using your ‘’ email address. If you encounter issues in logging in the Office 365 account, email to

There will be two (2) delivery methods for virtual lectures & classes:

  1. Asynchronous teaching: A lecturer may pre-record the lecture(s) using various Office 365 tools; PowerPoint, Excel, Word etc & upload & make accessible the video(s) via Teams and Streams;
  2. Synchronous teaching: A lecturer may conduct an online live lecture in Microsoft Teams via Calls function and students will be able to access the lecture(s) remotely or choose to attend class as usual in MCKL according to the subject / course timetable.

For your information, your respective Head of Programme will communicate and announce via Microsoft Teams the method(s) of delivery for your programme of study. Click here to get & access Microsoft Teams via various electronic devices.

Should you need further clarification pertaining to the online classes or programme-related matters, kindly communicate with the respective programme office:


Cambridge A Level


Australian Matriculation


Diploma in Early Childhood Education


Certified Accounting Technician




Diploma in Social Work


American Degree Transfer Program



Section 2: All extra-curricular activities, games, and face-to-face club / society meetings within or outside the campus are suspended with immediate effect.

However, the College office, the Library, Student Service office, various support and security services and facilities will remain open and will be functioning normally during office hours.

The Management will update you of any changes and development from time to time.


Thank you.


Yours truly,

Angela Pok


Methodist College Kuala Lumpur

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