International Students

What to expect as an International Student

It is our hope that you, as an International Student at Methodist College Kuala Lumpur, will be able to fully experience the holistic learning environment of the College during your time with us and emerge an enriched individual ready to take on the challenges of the world in the next chapter of your lives.

While all students have a responsibility to give their best in their studies and adhere to the College rules and regulations, International students have the added responsibility to comply with the various laws as well as law enforcement and governing authorities of Malaysia that oversee International Students. This includes the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Education and the Immigration Department.

Here are a few things to pay extra attention to:

1. Maintaining A Valid Legal Status

At all times, International Students must have a valid travel document/passport (at least 12 months validity) and a valid pass from the Immigration Department of Malaysia. These may include:

  • Dependent / Long Term Social Visit Pass
  • MM2H
  • Immigration Exemption Pass
  • Permanent Resident Status
  • Resident Pass
  • Student Pass

If you are applying for a new student pass, you must have 18 months validity on your passport. If you are renewing your current student pass, you must have 12 months validity on your passport. 

2. Good Conduct

International Students must abide by all governing laws, rules and regulations of the College and of Malaysia. Students are not permitted to engage in any activity that is deemed criminal and an endangerment to life or property, etc. This also includes unauthorized employment on your student pass or other passes that do not expressly permit employment.  

3. Attendance

Attendance of all International Students are reported regularly to the Ministry of Education. Students should meet at least 80% attendance in each class enrolled. Absences need to be evidenced by Medical Certificates or explanation letters from the parent/guardian. This is also a requirement to maintain College-awarded Scholarships.

4. Academic Performance

International Students are required to meet at least a 2.0 GPA every semester.

5. Insurance Coverage

All International Students are required by our Ministry of Education to have a comprehensive insurance coverage with provisions for inpatient and outpatient treatment, hospitalization, surgery and repatriation. Students on a Student Pass will have an insurance coverage which meets these minimum requirements as part of the student pass application process. For our international students studying on other types of passes, the College will advise and give recommendations on undertaking a policy that meets these requirements. Proof of an existing policy / coverage which meets these requirements are acceptable. 

Failure to adhere to any of the above will be followed by warning letters and possible dismissal from the College. These may also affect Immigration’s decision to renew passes and future approvals for re-entry into Malaysia.

As such, International Students should be conscientious about these details pertaining to education and legal requirements, as well as the relevant laws and deadlines for renewals etc. This is where our International Student Services Office (ISSO) steps in: to provide the necessary support for International Students who are currently studying at the College. Briefings will also be given during the Orientation Programme for all new International Students.

Here are some helpful external resources for International Students:

MOHE’s Guidebook for International Students Studying In Malaysia 

EMGS (for Visa processing) 


Admission Process & Immigration Requirements

If you’ve decided to join the College, please drop us an email at on the procedures and fees.