Alumni Association: Vision and Mission Statement


Networking, Building and Enriching for Life



We intend to function as a platform for

  • Networking among alumni and students
  • Building relationships and providing opportunities for younger alumni and current students
  • Enabling alumni to contribute to the enrichment of the college and community


4 Pillars
We are striving towards our vision and mission by carrying out the following initiatives:
1. Annual Alumni Homecoming Dinner - a reunion dinner for alumni to connect, reconnect and network
2. Networking - creates new opportunities and avenues for collaboration
3. Funding - a platform for alumni to contribute to the College and community
  • Alumni Pledge Fund 
    To fund all alumni-related events and support alumni initiatives
  • Scholarship Fund
    To help needy students, staff upskilling, MCKL alumni and new building extensions
4. Alumni:Reconnect Program - provides alumni membership benefits and opportunities to return to the College and engage with current students and staff


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