Alumni Association: Membership

Why join the Alumni?

MCKL Alumni will strive to establish a platform which does not merely serve to open up vistas of interest for former students, but also for current students, the College and the community.

Our aspirations include the setting up of a Scholarship Fund to help support the education of MCKL students in need, or to support the further studies of our lovely lecturers. We also look forward to inviting Alumni back for our yearly Alumni Homecoming Dinner, where we hope to evoke memories of Orientation Balls and BBQ Nites / Midsummer Masquerades from yesteryear. 

In addition, we are optimistic that our Alumni can contribute back to the College, whether fiscally, or by means of manpower and ideas. Likewise, we see the potential for the Alumni to assist younger members of the MCKL family in seeking bursaries and employment opportunities.

Under the Alumni:Reconnect Program, you will also receive the following membership benefits*:

  • A Free Alumni T-Shirt
  • College Access
  • Free Parking
  • Discounted Booking of Facilities

*The Alumni Relations Handbook with the terms and conditions will be provided upon registration


Membership Fees

Annual membership for Alumni is RM50.00 per year.

Your membership fees will go towards the running of alumni events and initiatives, including meetings, the yearly Alumni Homecoming Dinners and alumni discounts at college events.


How to Register?

1. Please make your payment via direct transfer to:
MCKL Alumni
Public Bank 3183 036 929
(Please state your name as reference)

2. Screenshot your proof of payment
3. Fill up this Google Form below and upload your proof of payment
4. Wait for our confirmation email
5. You're in!


Other Payment Options

For payments via cheque, please make your cheque payable to "MCKL Alumni".

For cash/cheque deposits, please write your name on the bank-in slip, scan and attach it with your Google Form above OR email us at

If you would like to make payment while stopping by for a visit at the College, please see Mr. Colin Wong at MCKL's Registrar Office.

Thank you for your generous support!



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