Core Values & Practical Implications


In 2015, the College articulated its Ten Core Values that have always represented the outworking of the vision and mission of the College both past and present in ways that have been consistent with Christian beliefs and the Methodist tradition.

Loving God

1. Honour God

To honour God is to prioritise our thinking, feeling and actions in ways that bring glory to Him. Loving God is expressed in the way we love others.

Loving Others

2. Respect yourself

Respect the beautiful and unique creation that God made us to be by striving to be the best we can possibly be.

3. Respect others

Respect other people’s feelings and dignity as we expect others to respect ours.

4. Respect property

Respect the belongings (including intellectual property) of other people as we would want others to respect our own belongings.

5. Cherish relationships

Cherish the friends around us as equals and learn to compete with them in a healthy and constructive way.

6. Cherish nature

Cherish and protect the valuable God-given natural resources.

7. Cherish our nation

Cherish the country of Malaysia and its national identity, rich history and diverse cultures, and seek to build and nurture it with the gifts and abilities God has given for the benefit of all.

8. Celebrate excellence

Strive to achieve our highest dreams and goals through our own honest and hard work. Uphold academic integrity by not cheating or plagiarising another’s work and as far as we are able, help those in need.

9. Celebrate diversity

Create and enjoy opportunities to experience and appreciate the diverse cultures, beliefs, talents and backgrounds of others.

10. Celebrate volunteerism

Be involved in organizations that seek to make the world a better place, in or out of College. Be pro-active; be willing to go the extra mile, striving always for a better future for yourself and others.