University Placement Unit

What is the University Placement Unit?

The University Placement Unit (UPU) is a service centre that exists to help students make informed choices of their university and course, after they finish their studies in MCKL.


What services does UPU provide?

1. University Placement Consultation

UPU advises students on their choice of universities & courses and presents the available options to them.

2. UK University Application

UPU @ MCKL is a UCAS centre for those applying to UK universities. In other words, students can apply directly to UK universities through us. 

3. University Application for Other Countries

Apart from UK, UPU also provides assistance and guidance for application to all other countries including USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Japan, and many more. 

4. Uni Application Prep

UPU prepares students for university application by conducting mock interviews for university admission and scholarship applications, giving feedback and suggestions for Personal Statements, application essays, CV, and more. 

5. University Visits and Talks

UPU hosts university visits and guest lectures from both universities from Malaysia and universities from overseas. Students are encouraged to participate and benefit from these seminars, workshops, as well as foreign university exhibitions. 


How could I make use of UPU's services?

Email UPU at for queries on university application and consultation. The schedules and venues for all talks and workshops are posted on UPU's notice board.


Who works in UPU?

-Mr Joshua Johnson

-Mr Howard Ngai

-Ms Kimberly Fong