Digital Education Unit (DEU)

What is DEU?

The Digital Education Unit (DEU) aims to provide digital education for individuals of MCKL such that they are more digitally literate as they enter this technology-driven marketplace.


What services does DEU offer?

1. ICDL Programme

The International Computing Driving License (ICDL) is the world’s leading computing certification. Its quality and reputation is built on almost 20 years of experience in delivering certification programmes to over 14 million people and in more than 40 languages worldwide, with more than 2.5 million ICDL tests taken annually.

This programme will enable candidates to assess, build and certify their competence in the use of computers and digital tools. Upon completion of a module, candidates will obtain a globally recognized computer skills certification which will be useful in university and job applications.


a. ICDL Spreadsheet

ICDL Spreadsheet equips candidates with the knowledge of basic features available in spreadsheet (such as tables, charts, functions and formulae), thereby allowing them to work with data for the purposes of storage, organization and analysis, which includes calculations and graphical presentations.

b. ICDL Advanced Spreadsheet

ICDL Advanced Spreadsheet allows candidates to fully utilise the features available in spreadsheet. Candidates are able to apply advanced features, such as automatic formatting, complicated functions and macro, complex table and charts.

c. ICDL Information Literacy

ICDL Information Literacy equips students with the key skills needed to search securely, critically evaluate and use online information to effectively structure and carry out research.


2. Digital Workshop

Workshops are designed for candidates whom are interested to explore but not able to commit to the duration of study of an ICDL Module. Upon completing the workshop, candidates will be awarded with a certificate of attendance offered by MCKL.

Digital Workshop Topics:

a. Basic Statistics with Spreadsheet

b. Introduction to Python Coding


How could I make use of DEU’s services?

Email DEU at for queries on the services we offer and / or to register for our workshops / ICDL programmes.


When are the classes scheduled?

All ICDL modules and workshops are conducted within Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm. However, some classes may be conducted on Saturday morning or during the semester break. These will be communicated to interested candidates upon registration.


What is DEU’s operating hours?

DEU is open from Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm.


Who works in DEU?

Mr. Chung Rui-Zhe, MSc in Operational Research and Business Statistics

Head of DEU

Certified ICDL Trainers (L to R):

Tai Wai Sum, Beh Su Jane, Chan Yen Ping, Chung Rui-Zhe, Charmaine Khoo, Tee May Ern, Lydia Ong