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Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching & Learning

Intake: March, June, August

Duration: 4 months (Module 1)

Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching & Learning

Teaching, Learning & Education Development Courses

Certified courses to progress your career as an educator.

The Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning is intended for educators who want to:

  • Engage with the principles and concepts of teaching and learning to improve their effectiveness as educators
  • Gain the knowledge, skills and understanding to support an inclusive approach to teaching and learning
  • Use opportunities to try something new in their classroom practice
  • Engage with colleagues to improve professional knowledge and practice
  • Develop a reflective approach to the development of their professional practice
  • Progress their teaching career

UNIT 1: UNDERSTANDING PRINCIPLES OF LEARNING AND TEACHING Candidates will engage with basic principles and concepts of learning and teaching. They will develop an understanding of how motivation plays a role in learning, the major theories of learning and the relationship between active learning and Constructivism. Candidates will also explore the differences between formative and summative assessments. UNIT 2: TEACHING AN EFFECTIVE LESSON Candidates will explore the practice of learning and teaching an effective lesson. They will develop an understanding of what makes a lesson coherent, plan and design lessons with clear aims and objectives and employ active learning approaches to enhance student learning. UNIT 3: FACILITATING ACTIVE LEARNING THROUGH EFFECTIVE TEACHING AND ASSESSMENT Candidates will develop a deeper understanding of the teaching concepts to facilitate active learning and assessment. They will build on their learning from Unit 2 and engage with concepts such as differentiation, Assessment for Learning (AfL) and the use of feedback to support student learning.

Candidates are assessed through an ePortfolio of evidence, submitted to a team of Cambridge International examiners using PDQ Connect, an online platform. In the portfolio, candidates demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding in the context of their own work. Portfolio evidence includes:

  • Observing a colleague’s classroom practice
  • Planning, teaching, learning and assessment materials that arise naturally out of the teaching process
  • Feedback from mentor, colleagues, students and others
  • The candidate’s own reflections on their learning and practice

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Profile Picture of Trainer Ms Yee Weng Yan

Ms Yee Weng Yan

Lecturer and Coordinator, Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications

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